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Cisco VoIP CCNP Voice CIPT1 v8.0 642-447 by Jeremy Cioara downloads torrent
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Author(s): Jeremy Cioara

Category: Certification

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Language: English

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Prepare for Cisco's 642-447 exam with Jeremy Cioara! Get closer to your CCNP Voice certification with this series. You'll learn all about CIPT1 v8.0 with the incomparable Jeremy Cioara, who will teach you to install and configure a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) solution in a single site. Jeremy starts with the basics of what CUCM is and how it works, and takes you through to advanced topics including Partitions and Calling Search Spaces (CSS). This series covers all the objectives for the 642-447 exam, and by the time you're finished with these concise, entertaining videos, you'll be ready to ace the test! Welcome to CIPT 8.0: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series Thanks for tuning in! In this Nugget, Jeremy outlines the purpose and vision for the series, discusses where CIPT 8.0 fits in the CCNP Voice certification, and goes through his recommendations for a VoIP home lab! 00:08:33 Unified Communications: What is CUCM? It's only the CORE PRODUCT of Cisco's Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure (yes, this might be important)! In this Nugget, Jeremy breaks down the functions of CUCM, the version history, and supported hardware. 00:07:29 CUCM Architecture: IP Phone Communication and Call Flow So you know what CUCM is but how does it work? This Nugget is dedicated to illustrating the communication between the IP Phones and CUCM. Key signaling protocols Skinny (SCCP) and SIP are introduced as well as the audio streaming Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). 00:06:12 CUCM Architecture: Clustering and Database The statement holds true in data networking just as it does in VoIP: Two is one, one is none! Redundancy is key. In this Nugget, Jeremy unpacks what is meant by a "CUCM Cluster" and breaks down the two cluster communication types: Database communication and Run-time communication. 00:05:44 CUCM Architecture: Call Processing Models Your business is convinced - they give you the "go ahead" with the VoIP project... Now what? This Nugget breaks down the four Cisco-supported design models for use with CUCM: Single-site, Centralized, Distributed, and Clustering over WAN connections. 00:11:24 CUCM Architecture: Cluster Growth and Redundancy Considerations This final Nugget focused on CUCM clustering demonstrates how to set up your environment for redundancy. Jeremy explores the 1:1 and 1:2 redundancy designs as well as shows how large you are able to grow your CUCM cluster. 00:08:13 CUCM Architecture: CUCM Licensing It's exactly what the title says! This Nugget looks at CUCM Node licenses, software licenses, and Device License Units (DLUs). 00:06:30 Switch Integration: Three Key Switch Requirements Your LAN switch infrastructure definitely needs a few features added to support the flood of Cisco IP Phones you're about to throw at it. In this Nugget, Jeremy discusses the three key features needed: Voice VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS), and Power over Ethernet (PoE). 00:03:09 Switch Integration: Configuring and Verifying PoE Power over Ethernet (PoE) is on by default on Cisco switches which support this feature, but there are a few key items to discuss. This Nugget focuses on the PoE standards (Cisco Inline Power, 802.3af, and 802.3at), enabling and disabling the feature, and verifying which ports are using PoE. 00:10:19 Switch Integration: Configuring and Verifying Voice VLANs Voice VLANs are necessary for two key reasons AND have two primary methods of configuration (old and new). Join Jeremy in this Nugget as he unpacks the details and walks through multiple configuration examples. 00:07:44 CUCM Installation: Installation Process The theory becomes reality! Join Jeremy in this Nugget as he walks through the installation of CUCM in a virtualized (VMWare) environment reviewing hardware requirements, software locations, and implementation considerations. NOTE: You can perform this installation yourself using VMWare Server, ESXi, or Workstation. 00:08:01 CUCM Installation: Service Activation The CUCM server installs ALL features but absolutely NONE of them work out of the box! This Nugget walks through the process of activating key services and eliminating the reliance on DNS. 00:03:45 CUCM Phone Configuration: Understanding Phone Options It's the best part of any new technology: NEW TOYS! In this Nugget, Jeremy walks through the entry level, standard, and advanced Cisco IP Phones (6900, 7900, 8900, and 9900 series) as well as some of the specialty devices (Cisco ATA 186/188, VT Advantage). 00:09:20 CUCM Phone Configuration: Cisco IP Phone Boot Process Understanding the boot and registration process of the Cisco IP Phone is the #1 key to troubleshooting! This Nugget walks through the process from Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection, Voice VLAN transmission, DHCP Request, TFTP configuration, and finally CUCM registration. 00:07:28 CUCM Phone Configuration: DHCP and DNS Services CUCM isn't really meant to be a DHCP server...but it can be! In this Nugget, Jeremy discusses how to configure the DHCP functionality in CUCM to support Cisco IP Phones. He then dives into the even MORE important discussion of eliminating CUCM DNS reliance. 00:09:26 CUCM Phone Configuration: Understanding CODECs Before the series becomes completely hands-on examples, there's a big theory chunk that's missing: COder/DECoders (CODECs). These little gems are responsible for converting spoken voice into digital communication that can be transmitted using VoIP. In this Nugget, Jeremy focuses on the four most common CODECs: G.711, G.722, G.729, and iLBC. 00:08:29 CUCM Phone Configuration: Device Pool Core Configuration Similar to the concept of "groups" in Microsoft Active Directory administration, Device Pools allow bulk assignment of common settings in the CUCM environment. In this Nugget, you'll see the base configuration of the device pool as well as the three required elements: CUCM Group, Date/Time Group, and Regions. 00:14:59 CUCM Phone Configuration: Button Templates and Device Defaults Button Templates give you the POWER OF CONTROL (enter loud, booming announcer) in the Cisco VoIP network. This Nugget walks through the configuration of three features: Button Templates (assign line and speed dial buttons), Softkey Templates (assign phone feature keys), and Device Defaults. 00:08:00 CUCM Phone Configuration: IP Phone Manual and Auto Registration The entire series has led up to this point: ringing phones!!! In this Nugget, Jeremy walks through the manual configuration of Cisco IP Communicator and an auto-registered 7970 Cisco IP phone. 00:11:23 CUCM Phone Configuration: Bulk Administration Tool (BAT) We bet you can't guess what this tool does, right? Even though it has a simple name, this tool is EXTREMELY powerful for your day-to-day CUCM administrative tasks: adding or deleting bulk devices or performing bulk updates. This Nugget focuses 100% on this utility as Jeremy shows you how to make massive tasks simpler with BAT! 00:19:15 CUCM User Management: Adding Local Users to CUCM Unlike the legacy PBX days, you are now able to create user account for your VoIP system! These user accounts allow end-users to log in and manage their assigned devices (for features such as speed dial, forwarding, etc...). This Nugget illustrates the process of creating user accounts, assigning permissions and devices, and accessing the CCMUser web pages. 00:21:43 CUCM User Management: Managing Users via LDAP Managing local users in CUCM is no fun if you already have a corporate LDAP directory (such as Microsoft Active Directory) that already contains all the user information. In this Nugget, Jeremy shows you how to integrate CUCM into various LDAP environments using LDAP Syncronization and LDAP Authentication. 00:19:45 CUCM Route Plan: Voice Gateway Types and Protocols While internal calling can be fun, eventually your staff will want to reach out and dial outside numbers. Welcome

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GO Downloads Cisco VoIP CCNP Voice CIPT1 v8.0 642-447 by Jeremy Cioara

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